Waterproofing in Seattle, Washington

Although it isn’t actually the wettest city in the U.S., Seattle has been labeled as the “Rainy City.” Homeowners will, however, agree that even though Seattle isn’t the wettest city, it certainly does a great job of causing problems in basements.

When it rains, the soil surrounding your basement (or slab) will absorb water. Not because anything is wrong with your basement, but because that is what concrete does. Although it is a very rigid material, it acts much like a sponge when around water and other types of liquids. Hydrostatic pressure then forces the water through your basement walls and floors leaving you with active water seepage, or a damp basement. There are two simple solutions.

The first requires steps with waterproofing are to:

  1. Properly repair all cracks (see concrete repair) in your basement walls, basement floor, and cove seam. If you have a cinder block foundation or a concrete block foundation, make sure the grout is repaired, if necessary.
  2. Seal your basement walls and floor with the Armor S2000 waterproofing sealer. It can stop up to 100 PSI of hydrostatic pressure and will prevent water and moisture from even entering into your basement. No digging required because this sealer is applied from the inside.

In some cases, a more extreme form of waterproofing will be required, such as installing a sump pump or an exterior drainage system.

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