Puddles On Basement Floor

  • Tanya Schifone
  • October 24, 2012 8:34 pm

Puddles of water on your basement floor can be caused by one of two things, or a combination of both: 1) water being pushed up through the concrete from the soil below the floor, 2) high moisture in the air. Basements are below ground so moisture in the air can be caused by moisture coming up through the floors and in through the walls.

Water Coming Up Through The Floor

Water can come up through cracks in the concrete floor and through the pores of the concrete. Although the pores are very tiny and hard to see with the naked eye, they create a very intricate trail system within the concrete allowing water and moisture to flow from the soil up through the concrete.

If you have a wet or leaking crack in your basement floor, or if you have a dry crack with signs that water has been present at one point, you want to use Foundation Armor’s HPI repair kit. This kit is designed to repair the entire crack, from back to front.

If you do not have any cracks in your basement floor but you have puddles of water or signs of moisture, you want to seal your floor with 2-3 coats of the Armor S2000 concrete sealer. The S2000 is concentrated and can be diluted and applied to wet or dry surfaces. It will chemically react below the surface and form CSH within the pores. Through densification it will stop water and reduce moisture coming up through the concrete.

If you want a coating or paint, you can apply any coating or paint over the S2000 once dry. You can also consider the Armor EXT Moisture Mitigating Epoxy kit that is designed for use on moisture saturated substrates.

Moisture Coming In Through The Wall

Like with moisture coming in through the floor, you want to seal your walls with 2-3 coats of the Armor S2000 concrete sealer. Some contractors have also applied 2 coats of the S2000 and 2 coats of the Armor SX5000 if the walls are concrete block or cinderblock, with great success.

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