Penetrating Concrete Sealer

All concrete sealers penetrate into the concrete in order to react or bond. Learn more about the types of concrete sealers.

Sodium Silicate Sealers: Sodium silicate sealers are used to increase the strength of the concrete and reduce the penetration of water and moisture through densification. Best silicate sealer: Armor S2000 concrete sealer.

Silane-Siloxane Sealers: Silane Siloxane sealers are classified as water repellents. They will cause water and other liquids to bead of the surface and stop the growth of mold, mildew and efflorescence.  Best silane-siloxane: Armor SX5000.

Coatings: Concrete Coatings for interior and exterior concrete will also penetrate but the difference between a penetrating concrete sealer and a concrete coating is that a penetrating concrete sealer won’t change the look of the concrete and a coating will.

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