DIY Basement Waterproofing

  • Tanya Schifone
  • April 23, 2012 8:16 pm

DIY basement waterproofing is a simple, affordable job. Before hiring a basement waterproofing company, see how easy DIY basement waterproofing is.

DIY basement waterproofing is a two step process. First, you have to repair all cracks in your basement walls and floor. Second, you need to seal your basement using a deep penetrating, basement waterproofing sealer. Unless you want to constantly repair cracks and seal your basement annually, it is important you use the right DIY basement waterproofing products.

DIY Basement Waterproofing Products

The two DIY basement waterproofing products you need are a concrete crack repair kit (if you have basement cracks) and a concrete sealer.

Concrete Crack Repair Kit

The market is flooded with concrete repair kits – there are polyurethanes, epoxies, caulks, paints, etc. The best type of crack repair kit you can purchase is a polyurethane injection repair kit because it is more flexible and forgiving than epoxy. This is important because if your foundation shifts or settles, you don’t want a new crack to form. Now for the brand. Most brands on the market sell polyurethane injection or polyurethane injection kits that can only be used on dry cracks. Some kits also specify that you can’t use the kits where hydrostatic pressure is present. Almost every basement has hydrostatic pressure surrounding it and hydrostatic pressure pushes water through your concrete walls. So, you need to purchase a kit that can be used on wet or dry cracks. The last thing you need to check with crack kits is what they can be used for. Many crack repair kits can be used only to repair basement walls or basement floors.

Product Suggestion: We suggest the Foundation Armor concrete repair kit. Easy to use and affordable, the Foundation Armor concrete repair kit can be used on dry, wet, leaking, and gushing cracks. It can be used on basement walls and basement floors, inside or outside. Buy the Foundation Armor concrete repair kit NOW!

Concrete Sealers

There are a lot of sealers on the market – and to be honest, most of them are horrible. Almost every sealer has to be re-applied every 1-5 years which doesn’t help you if you are trying to refinish your basement – or value your time. Some sealers come pre-mixed which lessen the effectiveness of the sealer – not to mention you are paying for water, not just solution!

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Product Suggestion: We suggest the Foundation Armor Concrete Sealer. The Foundation Armor Concrete Sealer is the longest-lasting, deepest-penetrating concrete sealer on the market. It can be used inside or outside and stops water, insects, and radon. It comes in concentrated form so you only pay for sealer – not for water. When dry, it strengthens the concrete by up to 40%. Our sealer is the only sealer on the market that requires you to mix the sealer with 4 parts warm-hot water. When mixed with warm-hot water, it opens up the capillaries of the concrete which allows for the deepest penetration. Buy the Foundation Armor Concrete Sealer NOW!

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